Ecommerce Solutions

The Best Way to Build your Online Store

The Awsome e-Commerce solution offers a comprehensive, flexible online shopping solution with all the features required to offer the user an exciting online shopping experience and allow the store administrator to manage every component of the e-commerce store, from product images to customer accounts.


  • Products can be organized by a flexible range of categories and sub categories.
  • Add multiple images for each product, allowing the user to view the product from different angles.
  • The variation feature allows products to be set up with different variations e.g. size or colour.
  • Our solution allows for physical products that require delivery or digital products that can be downloaded from the store.
  • To maximize cross and up sell opportunities, the solution includes featured products, recently viewed products, related products and other customizable additional product features.
  • The gift card function allows users to purchase gift cards for utilization online or in store.
  • Product inventory can be managed from the online store, or a data transfer between the web store and back end systems.
  • The product administrator dashboard give real time view of sales
  • We offer the ability to set up simple or complex delivery pricing structures based on region, size, weight or other required variables.
  • Delivery fees can also be calculated on the size of the purchase e.g. “Free delivery for orders over R1000”.
  • Our address auto-complete feature, powered by Google Maps, makes form completion easier and minimizes user errors in delivery address.
  • Our e-commerce stores are “responsive”, meaning the store adapts its layout automatically for an optimal view regardless of whether the user is on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • The layout of the store is flexible, accommodating client requirements together with best practice in terms of optimizing conversions.
  • The A/B testing feature allows the administrator to test different versions of pages, banners or copy, to determine which variation produces the best results.
  • The abandoned shopping cart function automatically invites or reminds users who have not completed orders to return and complete the purchase.
  • Our e-commerce store is SEO friendly and has all the functionality required to optimize the site for search engines.
  • Google Analytics is installed on our online stores, enabling analysis of user and site activity.
  • Heat mapping tools are also available for a more in depth analysis of what users are doing on the site.
  • We offer a wide variety of pricing features allowing the administrator to easily set prices for products.
  • We include standard pricing and on sale (was / now) pricing, as well as more complex pricing options such as “buy 1 / get 1 free” or “buy 2 / get 20% of the 3rd” etc.
  • Our store allows for coupons and discount vouchers

Card & Payment

  • Minimise abandoned shopping carts with our flexible forms and encourage customer loyalty by enabling the “create account at checkout” feature.
  • Our solution integrates with a number of 3rd party payment gateways for secure online payment.
  • We also offer on-site secure payment facilities utilizing our clients own secure certificate.
  • We can accommodate payment by credit card, direct transfer and PayPal.

Customer Management

  • We offer a variety of features that allow the collection and categorization of user information, to be used for on and offline marketing campaigns and lead nurturing.
  • The profile or account function is designed to display different products and pricing to different customers or groups.